Ways for Expanding Consciousness While You Sleep


Ways for Expanding Consciousness While You Sleep

The expansion of consciousness and raising it to a higher level can significantly improve the quality of life. It becomes calmer, freer, happier, and longer. The discovery of new opportunities that have long been in our bodies and minds allows you to see the world differently. It helps to get rid of old fears, enemies, unpleasant memories, and stupid stereotypes. Such experience will enable you to find hidden talents that were hidden. A new consciousness can break the stereotypes of society and change the environment. Besides, it is worth to remember that our knowledge can expand even during sleep.

For this reason, it is essential to lucid dreaming spirituality. However, the thing is plenty of people cannot expand consciousness at all and apply to different crystals, talismans, and decorations. A lot of information concerning the unique properties of the stones is here  https://yourmentalheaven.com/ .

How do dreams and consciousness are connected?

The dream is the direct reflection of your consciousness. A dream is a special means of communication through which our subconscious mind speaks. Very often during sleep, a person can see secret desires or unconscious anxieties. For this reason, you should know how to clean the negative emotions. During the day, you can be surrounded not only positive thoughts, feelings, and people but also negative ones. The spiritual cleansing of negative energy will help you run the process of expanding consciousness more quickly and even during sleep.

How to expand consciousness?

Practices of expanding consciousness include compassion for other people. This is one of the most powerful tools for raising awareness. Compassion is the ability to recognize the emotional state of others. Those who learn to sympathize, prepare your brain for all sorts of stress, which ultimately increases the stamina and manliness of a person. Also, by communicating with a person and knowing the problems, you learn to find the same issues in yourself. For this reason, the practice of compassion is the most potent spiritual ascetic practice and the expansion of consciousness.

Another powerful method of expanding consciousness is the practice of staying in the present moment – here and now. You need to learn this art, and it is not so easy as it seems at first sight. For this, you need to know in person all your pathetic feelings and negative emotions and learn how to cope with them. Without this practice, even partial awareness cannot be achieved.

Moreover, each of us has complexes that block our consciousness, preventing it from moving to a higher level. For example, such small habits as a condemnation of others, inability to forgive, and great pride come from events from the past that you could not cope with. This is very important to understand that and find ways for the protection from negative energy, which it can cause.

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